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The Deep Blue Group Orchestra

DeepBlue combines the lush strings of an orchestra, the groove of a band, the drama of theatre, the feeling of a movie and the excitement of a circus.

Artist Siddhi Yadav at Woodford in The Deep Blue Group Orchestra


DeepBlue’s new show India Stories premieres at Woodford on 27th and 28th December. It’s about our time in India and tells the stories of the young musicians of Dharavi, Mumbai’s largest slum where this creative collaboration began.


Also come to our New Year’s Eve gig for some of DeepBlue’s favourite party tunes.


Check out DeepBlue’s Facebook page to see photos of our 2013 tour of Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The tour, which was a great mix of concerts and workshops, was kindly supported by QUT and DFAT.


We thought we should show you some of our inspiration for our India Stories show at Woodford Folk Festival this year!! In 2012 DeepBlue performed in Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.


DeepBlue were invited to perform in OzFest (Which is the biggest Australian cultural festival ever staged in India) and supported by their sponsors Queensland University of Technology (QUT).


The tour involved a series of performances and workshops at BlueFROG venues across India, the National Institute of Design, Private and corporate shows and workshops at schools and with kids from the Dharvi Rocks program in the Mumbai slums.


We were so inspired by our trip that we have developed a festival show called "India Stories" which we will be premiering at Woodford Folk Festival with a sand artist from Mumbai called Siddhi Yadav. Visit the website